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Thread: Okami (PC, PS4, XboxOne)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Kidnemo
    Looks very cool.

    But I'll be honest - I'd take a new Rival Schools over it in a heartbeat.
    Same but....
    Damn that looks neat, maybe i'll keep my ps2 just a bit longer

  2. Quote Originally Posted by cigsthecat
    That's a great idea. I love how the whole game looks like it's on watercolor paper. Some of the screens have some poor color combinations that don't fit with the style, but others look damn good.

    ...I don't know about running around as a wolf though.
    Perhaps thats apart of the bringing back color to the world. Maybe its like a shot of colored sunshine bringing back color to the land. Of course Im assuming that you're talking about the bright green.
    A is for action

  3. the day this hits us soil i buy this and a ps2, barring some massive gameplay failure. that said, i really really would like an x-box port, hey we got otogi, why not?
    Quote Originally Posted by Compass
    Squall's a dick.

  4. Some new screenshots, man I can't wait for this

  5. What cool style... hopefully the game will be as fun as it is awesome looking.

  6. That first pic looks awefully familiar... but I need new info, and a release date

  7. Is this still a PS2 exclusive?

  8. Well it's only been announced for the PS2 so far so I guess that would make it an exclusive as of right now ... whether or not it will appear on the others is up in the air, I wouldn't hold my breath for it though... would be nice, but regardless I'm getting this no matter what console it's on

  9. This game looks very nice, but Werewolf's ridiculous wolf fetish and his need to proclaim as much in every damn post has turned me completely against games with wolves in them. In fact, it turned me against wolves in general.

    Thanks a lot.


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