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Thread: Sega CD

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    The last boss is some bullshit for sure.

    Turns out the guns and secondary equipment is given out randomly at certain score intervals, every 40,000 and 50,000 points respectively. That's dumb because certain weapons make levels a lot easier, and it's up to luck whether you'll have it or not.

    Figured out that each subweapon has its own ammo supply, but I was unable to stockpile what I wanted. I managed to get to the boss with more bombs than last time and one shield part remaining. I had the pattern memorized so I just got right up to the cannon, never stopped firing, and unloaded every bomb I had. Same as last time, except maybe I had a couple more this time because he died.

    Last boss kind of ruins the game a little. No reason to make it that damn hard to kill.

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    Jesus Christ at Adventures of Batman and Robin on the SCD. SSJN, did you say that you beat this once? I got stuck on the Riddler level; I can't stop crashing into every single fucking Backgammon piece.
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  3. I did.
    You have badbadluc.


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