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Thread: can't delete threads

  1. can't delete threads

    i accidentally created two threads in gaming discussion when i only meant to make one. i tried to delete the extra one, but the option wasn't available. i'm pretty sure i was able to delete threads in the past, so has something changed?

  2. If you need a thread deleted, PM and admin or mod. I think I instituted this policy more than a year ago, after one infamous poster started a whole bunch of trouble, then deleted a long thread in Fight Club. There's almost always someone within earshot that can do it for you, and I check my e-mail obsessively, so you can try that, too.

  3. thanks, i'll pm.

    would it be possible to make it so that the original poster can only delete the thread if no one has replied to it?

  4. No, I've never seen a way to do that in the control panel.


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