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Thread: 3D Robo-Bee

  1. 3D Robo-Bee

    I haven't made anything in 3D in a long long time. Maybe over a year. I don't even know. So I wanted to go from sketch to model (I'll scan the sketches soon).

    At any rate, feel free to critique the hell out of it. I'll start ya off...I couldn't think of anything good for the underside of the wings. I'll probably add some bolts and probably some wires.


    Beauty Shot With Bounce Lighting (I liked the down the wing angle):

  2. looks neat.


  3. Thanks.

  4. I can almost hear crickets in this thread.

  5. I agree with my man rezo, the bee, is in fact, neat.

    Only criticism, other than the underside of the wings, is that the legs look a bit funny, like they aren't all lined up on the same plane so it can stand, nor are they in a flying type position.

    Makes me wish I had more time to spend messing around doing the 3D thing.

  6. I think it looks great. Really makes me want to learn programs like Maya.

  7. neat indeed,
    It makes me want to know what Maya is! hahaha
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  8. thats very cool man

    its about time i started working on something new too

    like Kidnemo said the only thing id critique are the legs

    theres just something about them thats not looking right to me and throwing me off
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