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Thread: 3..2..1..LET'S JAM! (a.k.a.BEBOP MANIA)

  1. 3..2..1..LET'S JAM! (a.k.a.BEBOP MANIA)

    I don't know what inspired me to do this but these are profiles of all the main characters from Cowboy Bebop. If anybody is willing to color these I'd like to make some wallpapers out of these and I'll provide high res. inked versions for you as I complete them message me if you're interested.

    crits and comments always welcome and much appreciated.




    jet black




  2. Good stuff. Ed and Ein are the best out of the bunch.
    I don't like the Julia or Viscious ones very much, though. Julia doesn't look like Julia. Her face is much longer and not so helpless looking. Viscious isn't so viscious looking. You've drawn his face to scowled and/or constipated. He almost looks like a Dragon Ball Z baddie summoning his ultimate power.

  3. well I was sure I'd replied earlier...
    well, to sum up what I'd said before, I like the Ed and Jet the most, with Julia and Viscious on the opposite side

  4. I need to see more than 2-3 episodes of this show.
    Anyway, nice work man! Ed, Ein, Faye and Jet are my faves! The others look good too! You've improved a lot since I first started here. Keep it up man!

  5. Its funny Viscious and Julia were the first and last I worked on with these pics. Julia was something that inspired me to do all of these, when her and spike meet in the last episode. I was very concerned with not making a line for line copy and I think I missed some of the likeness because of that.

    Viscious was the last one I did and prolly the most rushed out of all of em. Just wanted to finish the series basically. Ill prolly have to redo a lot of him perhaps start over entirely, but julia might be fixable.

    good call on the DBZ eyecrunch look didnt notice it at first obviously, but now that you mention it...yup.

    thanks guys and yes wildcat you need to see the rest of the series. its required viewing at least once a month for me.


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