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Thread: X-Box Disc Read Error Thread moved...Why?

  1. X-Box Disc Read Error Thread moved...Why?

    Why was this moved out of GD to TCB?

  2. So no one can see it, and your questions can never be answered.

  3. That much is clear to me.

  4. It's a technical problem with a console. Technical problems with consoles go in The Circuit Board. No exceptions.

    Your assertion that no one sees anything posted there is invalid -- you might not visit TCB, so that's why you personally don't see things posted there. However, most of our tech heads who would actually be able to solve your problem do visit TCB, so there is a good chance that your problem would have been solved just as well if you posted it there in the first place.

    Contact me or one of the admins if you have an issue with this.


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