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Thread: Anime DVD for sale

  1. Japan Anime DVD for sale

    I have the following anime dvds for sale. Im not really looking to trade but it doesn't hurt to offer anyway.

    $7 Battle Athletes-On your Mark
    $22 Comic Party vol1 w/ box
    $75 Neon Genesis Evangelion(Complete series)8 dvd's
    $15 Evangelion Death&Rebirth
    $12 Princess Mononoke
    $22 Ronin Warriors vol 1&2

    All complete region 1 originals. Faster reply if offer is posted hene. Thanks!

  2. anyone?

  3. i am interested in the following:

    Evangelion-Directors cut Ressurection
    Evangelion-Dir. cut Genesis Reborn
    Evangelion End of

    how much for the 3 with shipping?

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