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Thread: The Book and Box Orphanage

  1. Recieved and responded.

    Heres an update
    Xbox cases:2
    Ps2 cases:3
    Gamecube cases:1
    Normal DVD cases:4
    Dead or alive 3 cover(with case if not reserved)
    Star wars rebel Strike Cover and books.

  2. Updated list on my SMS and Genesis wanted boxes and manuals.

  3. Sqoon i received the Splatterhouse box and the Choplifter manual, thanks!!

  4. I need your addy again, PN, re: Zillion

  5. Here are some SNES manuals I have
    Chrono Trigger- 2 copies, one kind of beat, one not so bad. neither is what I'd consider collector nice
    Dennis the Menace
    Megaman X
    Super Mario Kart
    Mortal Kombat 2
    Maximum Carnage
    Mech Warrior 3050
    Metal Combat
    Killer Instinct
    Final Fantasy 3
    7TH Saga
    Rock and Roll Racing
    Breath of Fire 2- kinda beat, but not torn. just bent/dog eared

    With the exception of the two I described, they are all in decent shape.
    I'll edit a little later with some manuals I'm looking for (mainly Genesis)

    edit: also have a Suikoden 3 case and instructions, but no game

  6. I have these:

    Breath of Fire (box and cardboard insert)
    Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (box, manual, and cardboard insert)

    Game Boy Advance
    Sonic Advance (box & manual)

    Truxton (box & manual)
    Altered Beast (box & manual)
    Target Earth (box & manual)

    PS One
    Castlevania: SotN (case & manual) [has green stripe of death]

  7. I need a parasite eve manual (non greatest hits).

  8. News looking for final fantasy 8 / official strategy guide

    Quote Originally Posted by Melf
    Got spare manuals? Cases or boxes? Or are you in need of something to complete your library? List it here!

    Only the following should be listed:

    - manuals
    - cases or boxes
    - inserts
    - maps
    - registration or spine cards
    - posters or extras that came included with the original game (E.g. Comix Zone CD, mini catalogues, etc)


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