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Thread: The Book and Box Orphanage

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    I have a 50 cent Blood on the Sand Manual, I believe it's mint.

  2. In packaging all of my stuff while getting ready to move, I found a great condition WarioWare Twisted Box/Manual. I traded in my GBA/games long ago, but this apparently stuck around. One of the back corners is slightly worn, but otherwise this is in awesome shape. The manual is mint. I just want shipping and enough to buy a box to send it to you. Click image for larger version. 

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  3. Shot in the dark but I'm looking for a Box and Manual for "Ys The Ark of Napishtim" for PSP. Anyone who might have this feel free to hit me up since finding this has been a bitch.
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    You can buy the manual here:

    Warning, their shipping prices suck.

  5. Does anyone have a spare box and manual for Super Mario 64 DS? It's the only loose game I have for the machine.

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    Bresoftware has manuals and inserts for them, and I can give you a empty case, but those prices, fuck.

  7. Both manual and insert come out to less than $5 together, about $9 shipped. That's not bad at all. Have you ever bought from these guys? How's the service?

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    Yeah, I've used them a few times, mostly for older ps2 and gamecube cases that were damaged by evil pets. Most everything I've received from them has been in pretty much new condition as described. My only real issue is shipping costs, if you don't order a lot they fuck you in the ass.

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    It does look like they've increased the prices of some of the cases, so maybe they charge fair shipping now. I have no problem with that

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    I've ordered from BRE a few times before and have always been happy with the results. Keep in mind I am a huge faggot when it comes to cases and whatnot.


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