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Thread: Cheap Zenith brand DVD remote for PS2--under two dollars!

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    Cheap Zenith brand DVD remote for PS2--under two dollars!

    While I was in Circuit City today, I saw a DVD remote for the PS2 which was made by Zenith. I had no idea that Zenith had a PS2 DVD remote on the market until now.

    The great part is that the price was only $1.99!

    I didn't get it, because I've already got a DVD remote for the PS2 (the official Sony one). However, after giving it some more thought, I'm considering possibly going back there later this week and getting one as a spare. It can also be used for your TV and VCR, so it's probably a good value even if you don't use it much with the PS2. It's a bit small, but the design seems good. It's about the same size as an early PS2 DVD remote that Interact used to make, although this one seems to have more functions, and has a pass-through controller port on the IR receiver.

    Here's a picture (not from Circuit City's Web site--I couldn't find it there):

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  2. Umm, get me one dude..

  3. not bad since the new SONY brand remotes only work with the new systems, thus fucking anybody who waited until now to get one for their system. the pass-thru idea is pretty spiff as well.

  4. I plan on swinging by CC tomorrow to make use of this bargain. Thanks for the heads up.

    Edit - Got two of them today, w00t!
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