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Thread: 2 games to complete my SMS collection

  1. 2 games to complete my SMS collection

    Here is what I need to complete my SMS collection, all games should have box and manual and should be in the best condition possible. I will buy or trade. Post here or PM me for offers. The games are:

    James Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing
    Super Monaco GP

    The following boxes/manuals are needed as well:

    The boxes and/or manuals I need for SMS are:
    Super Wonder Boy in Super Monster Land-box and manual
    Enduro Racer-box and manual
    After Burner-box and manual
    Double Dragon-box and manual
    Ghostbusters-box and manual
    Golden Axe-box and manual
    Rampage-box (box insert is ok)
    Penguinland-box and manual
    Zillion II Triformation-box and manual
    Space Harrier-box and manual
    Ghost House-box
    Alex Kidd in High-Tech World-box and manual

    For manuals I need:

    Alien Syndrome
    Cloud Master
    Poseidon Wars 3D
    Miracle Warriors-manual and map
    Super Tennis
    Fantasy Zone:The Maze
    Spy vs Spy
    My Hero
    Parlour Games
    World Grand Prix
    Astro Warrior
    Psycho Fox
    Lord of the Sword
    Slap Shot
    Altered Beast
    Power Strike
    Alex Kidd in Shinoni World
    Kung Fu Kid
    Great Baseball
    Great Basketball
    Golden Axe Warrior
    Marksman Shooting/Trap Shooting
    After Burner
    Fantasy Zone
    Fantasy Zone II
    Fantasy zone The Maze
    phantasy Star
    Thunder Blade
    Alex Kidd The Lost Stars
    After Burner
    Hang On/Astro Warrior
    The Ninja

    Any help on this matter is really apreciated. Thanks!
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  2. Let me just chime in and say that Policenaut is a great guy and an excellent trader. Sell him some games!

  3. I think I have these, next time I go back to my storage home, I will see if I can dig these up!

    >F-16 Fighting Falcon
    >Fantasy Zone: The Maze
    >Joe Montana Football
    >King's Quest

  4. I just unpacked my SMS games a couple weeks ago, Police, and I need to pair down the collection a bit, lemme see here if I got anything your looking for, their all complete:

    Great Volleyball (box in good shape, manual & game in great shape)
    Teddy Boy (box in good shape, manual & game great shape)
    Vigilante (box, manual, and game in great shape)

    Lemme know if you're interested in any, PM is best
    omg TNL epics!

  5. Thanks Melf, I say the same for you!! it's good you liked the Knuckles. I sent PM to Kingoffighters and to Ragnarok too.

  6. Ragnarok PM me with a price If you didn't liked my price.

  7. Wanted list updated. Got today a lot of SMS games from a friend, now I need just 27 games to complete my collection!!

  8. i am pretty sure i have "shooting gallery" and do you have cyber-shinobi? i have a mint copy of that i picked up in Paris a couple of years ago.


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