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Thread: #TNL and java chat

  1. #TNL and java chat

    Quote Originally Posted by java chat
    Unable to connect : null
    I've been unable to connect to #TNL for the past couple days. Just spits out the above message. What's the deal?

  2. You're probably accidently refusing that Java pop-up thing that installs. If you click no you can't connect. Clear your browser cache and try again.

  3. no, i'm accepting the program through the pop up as i used to do, and it seems to load into the browser window successfully.

    I take it it's working fine for others?

    i just had a friend try, doesn't work for him either

  4. I noticed it wasn't working, but I thought it might be that I didn't have my new PC set up right. I'll check under the hood.

  5. It's a problem with chat-solutions, I just used the applet to hop onto another server...

    edit: nvm it's fixed

  6. thanks

  7. It's been cycling on my program (Xchat) for a while now...about 3 hours in fact.

  8. use instead of, that'll work (there must be some sort of issue with the .org domain)


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