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Thread: The Rap Battle Thread, The Shot To Your Head

  1. The Rap Battle Thread, The Shot To Your Head

    Step to the battle
    make your ears rattle

    put down the pencil
    and get to the mic
    make your words kill
    its the freestyle we like

    First up, station and Korian
    Its the match ya'll be seekin'


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    It' the original Seoul Man the Kor to the I A N coming
    back from the two week ban with the Master Plan, Oops did I say Master Plan?, I meant Master Hand to swat bitches from grabbing my pimp hand, the one I use to write my rhymes with a pen and pad wearing my Battle Armor and I'm not talking about hot dogs, Dawg.

    Yo, Station Cho Cho, Hoody Who! do you like Stations? Cho Cho! Do ya ride the A train or do you play the Playstaion, I do too! get it? I just played Station. Come on bring the flame from your cho cho train. Holla at me!

  3. you win
    Commentaries and Opinions on Metal

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    Anyone want to step up?

  5. I'm approaching the stage;
    I'm filled with rage.
    I'm busting through doors,
    cleanin' the floors.
    Comin' at ya' with alacrity;
    my words flowing with perspicacity--

    The beats be flowin'.

    Keep the words goin',

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    Nice Flux=rad I'll spit some more tommorow but it's almost
    3:00 right now. Do any of you want to work on writing some
    songs/raps with me?

  7. This is the
    Nose out Greatest
    Crazy mother fucker out there, Ready to pound you to submission
    With the illiest rhymes out there, I spit this shit loosely, like my dick spits at bitches
    And Iím ready for any fool, any time.

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    Shit don't make me get my pen and pad out, nah I'll be back.

  9. Yo I be deh Clash Masta, I clash fasta
    Watch out! See ya skinny I just ran past ya
    I be buying up hos with bags of change
    Picked up korians mother, shit thats strange
    Can't sell this bitch for a fuckin' dolla twenty
    You got a open bag of skittles and a canadian quarter? Damn thats plenty
    Take her for a spin see what cha can win
    Probably crabs and da clap, and a whole shitload of sin
    Two spanish sailors did'nt bring her ass back
    Ended up in a dumpeter, with a blade in her crack
    Guess thats what you get you buy a skunky ass skank
    Don't fucking matter when you got cash in the bank
    Korians fucking mother was a waste of my hard earned time
    Oh well I guess, gave me enough memories to write this dope rhyme
    Barf! Barf! Barf!

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    CM you just upped the ante, you will feel my flow.

    If this was in FC I could really give the disses that
    don't miss.


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