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Thread: Got a cool $100,000?

  1. Got a cool $100,000?

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  2. FUCK ME!

    I wonder if he would get more by breaking that up.
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  3. Where the hell did he get all of that stuff?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by animegirl20
    Where the hell did he get all of that stuff?
    Money's a powerful thing.

  5. Oh my... That's insane. Wonder how much it cost for him to collect all that in the first place?

  6. i got halfway thru and started to think about shipping costs.

  7. I'm inclined to believe that if you bid $100,000, you'd get yourself quite a bargain.

  8. Insane!

  9. #9
    WOW...he'd get more by breaking the package up but it would take longer to sell the items...

    and shipping is a bitch...

  10. Totally.

    Especially considering shipping for all that stuff will run him almost 20,000 dollars.
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