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Thread: Policenaut's trades report.

  1. Another deal with my friend Kingoffighters. Man those games are prectically new, thanks again!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Policenaut
    Another deal with my friend Kingoffighters. Man those games are prectically new, thanks again!
    You are a very reliable buyer yourself. You do what you say and that's rare in this day and age. Thanks again for your purchase, I hope your collection grows leaps and bounds!

  3. I just finished up a trade with Policenaut, he is awesome as usual (my 3rd deal with him). Great packaging, good communication and a trustworthy individual. Hopefully, we can do more deals down the line!

  4. You can count on that!! Thanks for your words!

    I also finished another deal with Plik, thanks to him I need just 9 more SMS games to finish the collection! Great packaging and fast shipping, I highly recommend him to all TNL'ers!!

  5. Another great deal with my friend Kingoffighters, he is amazing as usual with the packaging, sent items fast and even added a nice bonus game! Thanks again bro', looking for another deal with you in the future!

  6. Bahn sold me a nice Lucia's pendant from Lunar 2 that will look good with my WD collection. He's a nice, comunicative person and sent the item fast. Highly recommended

  7. My second deal with PepsimanVsJoe; got from him 3 genny games, Flashback, Alex Kidd and Batman: the Video Game. Great packaging, items are in superb condition and sent the items right on time. A+ for him.

  8. Got from Mr.WhiteFolks the Sega CD game Space Adventure for Sega CD, quick shipping, and a smooth transaction, very recommended!

  9. My fourth deal with kingoffighters. How many times do I have to say that kingoffihters send items super fast, the packaging is excellent and the communiaction is great??!

    This time I got from him a boxed TurboDuo with extra controllers, turbo tap, HuCard converter plus a nice gift for my wife. Steve is a reliable seller, really, if you deal with him you won't get disapointed; my fourth deal with him but surely will not be the last. Highly recommended, as always.


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