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Thread: Tenjou Tenge

  1. Saturn Tenjou Tenge

    I don't think anyone has posted anything on this anime/manga yet.

    I got 9 episodes right now and so far its a fun anime. I might have to check out the manga too.

    Fans of big martial arts fights, fan service(LOTS) and some comedy thrown in will really dig this. It doesn't break much new ground so far, but I'm hoping it will change a bit soon.

    The series is what you would file under the Anime highschool fights theme. The main character and his partner go from school to school fighting and taking over each one. They are in search of stronger fighters. They then stumble across a school with some MIGHTY strong figthers...some which turn out to be some extremely HOT chicks. Throw in some over the top falling in love, fights and comedy and you should get some what of a picture.

    So far I like some of the upbeat music and crazy camera angles and fights. Anyone else read or seen this?

  2. While I think the manga is superior to the anime, the manga also reads like a borderline hentai manga LOL.

  3. I like the opening, that's about all I've really watched... download episode 10 or something and I had no idea what was going on, but I do like it's "fun" style.

  4. Yea the song and the break dancing in the intro is neat-o.

  5. As was posted in the news snippet in my "DC Comics to launch new manga line" thread, said manga line will be bringing this over later this year.

    And if you think this doesn't seem like DC fare and may be chopped up, don't forget that DC publishes the Vertigo line.

  6. Sounds interesting, know where I can find it?

  7. Alright, I've seen 1-10, it's good times.

  8. So apparantly nobody wants to sub after 10.

  9. I have been reading the manga for a while. The fight scenes and charecters are great. The creator "Oh Great" also does a manga that is an obvious homage to Jet Grind Radio. Your mission is to find "Air Gear" from and read it.
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  10. If anybody still cares, AonE has subbed 11, and it's at GotWoot.


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