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Thread: Fallout 3

  1. Fallout 3

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  3. I would have preferred it went to Bioware, but I'm thankful that it's getting a sequel at all by a good company. I've only played one Bethesda game (Morrowind), but it's a pretty fun game. I have faith this will at least be decent.

  4. videodrone=very excited.

  5. Also very, very excited here. There are very few companies that'd be capable of a decent Fallout sequel, and Bethesda is one.

  6. Very cool. I just hope they keep the battle/level/attribute system. <- Bethesda's weakest link when it comes to their games. No doubt they can create the atmosphere.

    So unless the decide to mess up what is lready there, i am excited.

  7. WOOHOO!

  8. I did not know Tony Shaloub's voice was in Fallout until yesterday.

    Anyway, awesome news.

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    I really couldn't get into the Fallout games despite the fact that they totally seem like my kind of RPG. I loved Morrowind though so this is good news.

  10. Awesome, good Fallout news for a change.

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