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Thread: Anime DVDs before Ebay Sale

  1. Anime DVDs before Ebay Sale

    .hack sign LE box - brand new all contents sealed in original package. however, no shrinkwrap on the outer box - $120 shipped O.B.O.

    Boogiepop Phantom Ultra edition Factory Sealed - $ 65 shipped

    photos on request

    paypal preferred
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  2. Man, Right Stuf really screwed over the early adopters of Boogiepop. Right after all the volumes were out they released a box set with a CD sountrack, THEN they released this Ultra Edition one with 2 CDs and all kinds of swag...

    I'll buy the 2 CDs and swag from you...

    Ah, but I digress, it's a great damn series at a great price, someone buy it.


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