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Thread: $29.99 Nintendo games?

  1. $29.99 Nintendo games?

    Nintendo to make games 29.99?
    Published on 07/15/2004 by Jeff
    This winter is shaping up to be one of the most competitive in gaming history. With huge titles gracing every system out there, it's going to be hard for any other game to stand out. The likes of GTA: San Andreas, Halo 2, Half-Life 2, Resident Evil 4, and Metroid Prime 2 are some heady competition. Nintendo, however, might have a plan to help make their games stand out a bit more from the pack. Following last winter's great success with the Gamecube's price drop to $99.99, Nintendo may just be on the verge of lowering their big name game releases to $29.99.

    Recent perusal of an unnamed retailers computer inventory system, new entries for all of Nintendo's big name games were found. Among those were Metroid Prime 2, Star Fox, and Paper Mario 2. While that shouldn't be a surprise, what was a surprise, was the price they were listed at. All three games were listed at $39.99 Canadian, or, for you Americans out there, the equivalent of $29.99 US. The answer to whether this is a typo, or a legitimate price will have to wait until November to be answered. For now, keep your fingers crossed and hope.

    Why would Nintendo lower the price? Perhaps they just want to draw in the cost conscience consumer like they did last winter. Have the lowest priced console, with reasonably priced software, and we may see another instance of games and consoles flying off shelves. Or perhaps, to combat the recent glut of budget priced titles taking away sales from full priced titles, Nintendo will release games at a lower price, hoping to sell more copies and make up the difference. Either way, this can only be good for the consumer.

  2. All three of those games would be bought on release day at 29.99, no questions asked, instead of just Metroid Prime 2 for 50.

    Now, if only Pikmin 2 was 29.99....
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  3. Any first-party Nintendo stuff at $30 on day one would be an instant purchase.
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  4. 30 bucks is my sweet spot. Much easier to drop 30 than 50, I'd buy 'em all for 30.

  5. 30 bucks is my sweet spot. Much easier to drop 30 than 50, I'd buy 'em all for 30.
    Indeed. This is what I've been saying all along, prices come down and the companies will make MORE money, because people would be buying more games all around. This is also why the "but the profit margin would be less" and "might as well get as much money from the customers who ARE willing to pay $50" arguments don't hold water; were games $30 on release, people would probably be buying at least twice as many games. The money that's involved is not the difference between a $50 game and a $30 game, it's the difference between a $50 game and two or three $30 games.

    But yes, this would be just what the industry needs. A kick in the ass from a major player like Nintendo. I so hope it's true, but as N64 games were still selling for $40 at WalMart and Toys R Us up to a scant few months ago, I don't know that Nintendo is likely to do such a thing. It would possibly be, in all honesty, a huge turning point for the industry, though.

  6. I'll buy all three on release, just to drive home that the $30 price point is what gamers want. I was planning on getting all three anyway, just not at release.

  7. I'll be putting away 30 bucks a month starting August.
    All is well.

  8. When banks compete, we all win.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Roufuss
    All three of those games would be bought on release day at 29.99, no questions asked, instead of just Metroid Prime 2 for 50.
    Same. I'd probably buy double the amount of games if they were all released at $30, hopefully this becomes a trend.

  10. Could be true, but I'll believe it when I see it.

    As for me, the only one of those games I'm dying to get is Paper Mario 2, and that was going to be bought at launch at fifty dollars.

    I'll pick up Metroid Prime 2 after I finally play and beat Metroid Prime.


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