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Thread: Why the hell does Mohammed Ali get trotted out in every public event?

  1. When he came out unannounced at the Microsoft E3 2004 briefing, the place went nuts. He was up there with other athletes, but he got the biggest pop by far. The man is more than a former boxer. I'm pretty sure he gets more heartfelt applause than the Wheaties-cover-of-the-month stars, because he means more.

  2. I don't get that.

    I mean, I respect the mans talent and skill, but he was still an asshole.

    The fact that George Best is dying doesn't take away that he was a complete dick.

  3. Muhammed Ali was still a legend, and had a lot of fans despite his cockery. Everyone says that he's still all there mentally, but not physically, I dont know. When someone cant talk, it's hard to tell.

  4. Ali was hilarious back in the day.
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  6. You know how it is, media hype pretty much. Somethings can never be let go.

  7. I think the people who don't agree with it only see him as a mouthy ex-HW champ.

    Not trying to be patronizing, but there's so much more to him than that. He's more than the typical super-skilled athlete that can't do much anymore.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Andrew
    Ali was hilarious back in the day.
    He wass hilarious at the All Star game too. I was praying for him to land one of those punches on Jeter.

  9. I saw his stuff at the All-Star game, and it was just tear-jerking to see him shake endlessly, although seeing him throw those punches was kind of neat.
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  10. Why the hell does Mohammed Ali get trotted out in every public event?
    Because he's the greatest of all time.


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