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Thread: Phantasy Star Online Discussion

  1. Phantasy Star Online Discussion

    I currently have Phantasy Star Online on the gamecube and I'm leveling up my level 93 HUmar to go online with next week. Anyone else got this game? Online? And if so could I meet you? Oh yeah and talk about weapons, and other stuff about the game is welcome too. ^_^
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  2. : points to Online Gaming Discussion : This belongs there.

    And curious, where do you connect? I play on the PC with a lot of the DC players, but I'm not sure if the 'cube guys can get in with us. I don't even think they're the same version of the game, right?

  3. I think the PSO on PC is a little different. You put the broadband adaptor in a slot under the gamecube and the rest is pretty much like your normal internet connection I think...

  4. well, what version are you playing? The PC one is the same as the DC game, and I think they connect server-wise differently. I only know that there aren't any Xbox PSO players in this group on Schtack (main server) because they simply can't choose to join.

    Or something like that. I claim no knowledge of this subject. I never even played PSO when it was on the DC, so I'm rather new (even at level 102).

  5. I'm playing PSO Episode 1 & 2 on gamecube. Basically just both games in one. Mainly playing on Episode 1 on Ultimate Difficulty.

  6. I have the GC version and I haven't been able to get online, but I'm still doing pretty well. Last time I played, my Humar, Squall, was at level 91 and I was in the Ultimate ruins. I'm trying to beat the entire game before I hit level 100.
    When I get the money for an adapter, I'll go online. I have everything set up. I just have to switch the cord from system to system when I play.
    The first day I got into Ultimate seaside, I was very lucky. I got my best two weapons within 30 minutes of each other. Both are Angry fists. I was using my Musashi, Kaladbolg/ Durandal, and Brionac to take care of everything till then.
    Now I can trick my friends into thinking I don't have a weapon when we battle!

  7. I have been out of gaming for a very, very long time. I have not played PSO since the very first DC edition (and I had four full-time characters). I do not own more than one console (PS2), and even then, I do not own a single game for it. I am more excited about the US PC release of PSO: Blue Burst than I have been for any game. I love PSO to bits and it will be a nice to go back and play it for a while before Phantasy Star Universe later this year.
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    Ep. 1,2, and 4, PC only, free beta right now. Good stuff.
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    I just started playing the Gamecube version again, would love to play some of you.
    PSO III would be even better!
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Vasteel
    I just started playing the Gamecube version again, would love to play some of you.
    PSO III would be even better!
    Send me a PM a day in advance whenever you want to play.


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