Hi guys,

Here's the story....I want this Playstation 2 game called Ministry of Sound moderngroove, it's a DVD with over 5 hours of trance, techno, ambient, etc. on a DVD + a karaoke and interactive light show feature...think REZ....anyway, I found a place that has new copy for about $13, only thing is shipping is near $30 from England for their store, and they won't ship a cheaper method...so it's only worth it for me to buy it if I get a bunch of copys...so who would be interested in buying a copy for basically cost + shipping? It's not coming out over here and is already out of print there....I want to have this for when I can get a universal PS2......it would be cheaper the more people are in on this, so let me know it you are in by e-mailing me or posting...here's a link to info: