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Thread: 2 GunCon 2s and 5 games

  1. 2 GunCon 2s and 5 games

    This saddens me, as I love these things, but they do not work with my new TV. I have 2 GunCon 2s, and 5 games, all complete and mint. Time Crisis II, Ninja Assault, Vampire Night, Endgame, and Dino Stalker. I got the guns with Time Crisis II and Vampire Night, so I'm sure I could find the boxes to those as well if you're interested. I'm opening this up to offers since I hate to give these up, and I'm having a hard time desiding a price, so I figured I'd give it to the best offer. Let me know either here, a PM, an IM or an e-mail (just realize my spam blocker might stop you). I can take pics too if there is any interest.
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  2. What kind of TV do you have?

  3. 50" widescreen HDTV... It's projection, from what I gather, so the guns do not work on it.
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  4. I believe there is a type of gun that has been made to work on them though. That's why I asked.

  5. Well, if that's the case, I would love to find out where I can get one, because I love these games so much. I'd still sell the guns though since they are worthles to me
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  6. Well, if I have no takers (and no link to the gun that will work with my TV), I'm just gonna ebay these... so please, if anyone is interested, please get a hold of me in the next couple of days.
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  7. There's a gun from pelican that's HDTV compatible...saw it at gamestop a while back. The normal projection screens work fine with light guns.

  8. Everyone keeps mention these HDTV compatable guns, but no one links me to where I can get them or what they are called. I have never seen anything in the stores other than the official guns, so I need some help here. Please help, I don't want to give these up
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  9. what price range are you looking for? if we can work out a deal, i am interested.

    ps: do any of these interest you?
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  10. I was hoping for some offers... but if I can get an HDTV compatable gun, I won't be selling the games, just the guns. So make an offer. As for those games listed, sorry, none interest me. I'm only interested in GC, PS2, Xbox, and GBA. I just never seem to bring myself to play PS1 games anymore, and I sold all my older systems.
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