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Thread: Fable - Official Thread

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    Fable - Official Thread

    I thought this game was coming out next month but there it was today at EB. I want to read some impressions/reviews before buying it. Anyone pick it up?

  2. WTF? Are you sure? It ships on 9/13 according to EBgames...

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    I saw it in the glass behind the counter and some other guy saw it too and asked "Fable's out?" and they said "Yeah, do you want to buy it?".

  4. What ?!!?

  5. Dreamcast

    Sure it wasn't the DVD preview?
    2009 TNL Fantasy Football Champion

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    It's possible but it looked like an Xbox game box and the employee didn't say that's what it was.

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    There is apperantly an ad in the new OXM stating Fable will be out on August 20th, I dunno maybe thats a new EB ploy to get you to pre-order.

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    It probably was the bonus DVD I saw judging by this pic. Sorry for being a tard and getting everyone's hopes up.

  9. Dreamcast

    I blame deceptive marketing (different color box art? c'mon, stop teasing us!) and know-nothing EB worker bees.

    Btw I had the same reaction at work one day, spotting a box of Fable cases. "What?! We got Fa-...oh, just a DVD preview. Cool. I mean crap."
    2009 TNL Fantasy Football Champion

  10. I actually had a dream the other night that Fable came out (never had one of those before) and it sucked the big one.

    And Neo, my heart skipped a beat for a second, you mean bastard.


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