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Thread: "SAW" - New horror/thriller

  1. "SAW" - New horror/thriller

    My friends had seen a trailer for a movie titled Saw coming out in September. The basic premise is a serial killer named Jigsaw puts two people in horribly fucked up situations. The movie is getting some decent buzz because of the disturbing nature of the film. Any fan of horror/suspense should check out the trailer. I haven't seen a deathtrap movie I've liked since Cube and this movie has some messed up "puzzles".

    Trailer and info here:

    Trailer spoiler:
    in the trailer a woman wakes up with this huge metal retainer (think Lisa Simpson's braces) that is controlled by a timer. When the time is up the headgear will snap open ripping out the woman's jaw. The killer tells her via a TV screen that the key to the headgear is inside a dead man's stomach who is lying on the floor next to her. Next to the body is a small knife and she prepares herself to slice the guy open it turns out he's alive.

    Two strangers awaken, chained side-by-side to the wall of a filthy bathroom. Neither knows how they came to this awful predicament, nor what might await them. But the man lying on the floor and missing part of his head might be a clue. Soon, they'll discover they are the latest victims of a maniac who makes his own amusement by pitting two strangers in gory, life-and-death situations.
    It stars Danny Glover (as a cop who apparently isn't getting too old for this shit) and Carry Elwes (the dread pirate Roberts)

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  2. It looks gimmicky, like that Manhunt game. The danger is in getting either too many or too few gross-out moments. You don't want the camera flinching too much but you want to keep the suspense in there. And you definitely don't want endless exposition and scenes of the cop sitting on his bed holding a picture of his dead wife. If this can avoid being too talky and actually explore the minds of the killer and victims, it might work. See the difference between good Hellraiser and bad Hellraiser for an example.

  3. i think there were 2 other threads about this a while back. i had completely forgotten about it until now. thanks

  4. Yeah, it's hard to find the other threads because it won't let you search for words with 3 or less letters.

    I read a review of this on Bloody Disgusting. They said it was great.

  5. You can search for three-letter words here. It's just that "saw" is such a common word.


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