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Thread: Half-Life 2 - official (9/14 Black Mesa Source?!)

  1. Half-Life 2 - official (9/14 Black Mesa Source?!)

    aight, i'm getting restless, so it's time for an official thread.

    in case you've been away from civilization for the past 2 years, half-life 2 is nearly finished. it will, without a doubt, be the single greatest game ever released. better than doax, even! hard to believe, i know, but here's the proof:

    e3 2004 presentation.

    3 brand new screenshots:

    official site + more videos

    if you're not excited by now, i suggest suicide.

    valve is hinting that the game will finally be in stores in september. it'll never happen. i mean, it's valve. but it's coming, and it's going to rock.
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  2. yea, it'll be cool, i guess....

    i mean, it has that whole physics thing going for it, right?..

    *johnk_ trails off....

  3. you're on my list, johnk_.

  4. I like physics because they give stuff places to go.

  5. I decided Im not gonna give Valve any of my money until Team Fortress 2 is out. Not CS Source, not TFC Source, TF2.

    Thats how its gotta be.
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  6. LOL

    Physics is especially fun with a gravity gun.


  7. So is 09.01.04 realistic?

    Does anybody know if this CE that Ebgames lists is real, or are they just guessing?

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    My Backloggery

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    This is easily my most wanted game. Anything less than best FPS ever will be a let down.

    For selfish reasons, I'm hoping it gets delayed a little bit.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Videodrone
    So is 09.01.04 realistic?

    we might get lucky with a late september release, but who knows with this company.


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