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Thread: Half-Life 2 - official (9/14 Black Mesa Source?!)

  1. I doubt that it will be released on my birthday

    Plus STALKER just got delayed till next year

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    You are not to mention other lesser games in the official thread for the best game ever.

    Unless it's to say how much better HL2 will be.
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    Will be forgotten when HL 2 comes out.

  4. As we are typing, Steam is precaching Counterstrike Source onto my computer ( I think ). Anyways, five more days until I can play it

    EDIT: Nevermind, it got pushed back ( of course ) fuck Valve, fuck HL2, fuck you.
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  5. Uhh... ya. Someone stole our code.... AGAIN!
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  6. to be fair, it was a beta, not final version, that was delayed.

  7. I have been wanting a game where I can rip heat registers off the wall with a special gun and shoot them at someone, since I was like 5 years old, and now the game I have been dreaming of is coming true.
    Barf! Barf! Barf!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Despair
    Plus STALKER just got delayed till next year
    This is sad. HL2 is the only game I wanted more than STALKER this year. Well STALKER will be my second most wanted game for 2005, right after RE4.

  9. I am a Doom whore and because I have my Doom3 HL2 has pretty much slipped out of my mind. I'm sure it'll be a good game, probably even great but my money was always on Doom3 and regardless of how popular HL is it's not as popular as Doom, if you walk up to any average joe and ask them if they heard about HL they'll probably say no, go up to that same person and ask about Doom and you probably have at least a 50% chance of them saying yes.

    I don't think it would be wise for Valve to release HL2 right in the wake of D3, they should at least put 3 months between the release in my opinion, I would say the same if D3 was coming out after HL2.

  10. I won't be able to play this either.

    The XBOX versions of Doom 3 and HL2 need to come out so I can jump on the band wagon three months too late.


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