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Thread: Half-Life 2 - official (9/14 Black Mesa Source?!)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by OmniGear
    It is when you consider the fact that you'll be playing it on the Xbox.
    Yeah, but I like my girlfriend.

    she would be pissed if I never took her anywhere for three months because all my money went to a computer.

  2. Dreamcast



    Just bought a GeForce FX 5700.

    Now I needs an ATI card for HL. *sigh*
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by epmode
    if you buy a copy of the game over steam, it'll be preloaded to you in the days/weeks prior to launch so that valve's servers don't get bogged down.

    the game will be encrypted, so there's not much you can do before receiving the decryption key on release day.
    So basically the game is done?

  4. Last thing I read (last week I think?) they were going hardcore bug hunting. Estimated it would take them 16 days to do it. Sounds like it could go gold by the end of this month.

  5. So I guess that mid-September would be realistic.

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  7. I was pretty sure that Valve had a deal with Whitewolf, who are making Vampire: The Masquerade which uses the Source engine, that HL2 had to come out before it. The vampire game is scheduled for 10/12/04 release so who knows. I might be talking out of my ass though, I'm just going off what I think I remember

  8. Isn't it awesome that this comes out right when school starts.

    Can anyone give a rough estimate on how much I'd have to tone down the game with a Radeon 9600 Pro? For now...
    Well that's like, your opinion, man.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Videodrone
    So basically the game is done?
    if the game were done, they'd preload everything, not just the textures/sounds/maps/models. there's not much left to do, but they're going to use the cs: source beta to work out any final bugs with the engine. a late september release seems possible, but who knows.

  10. I dont care if it takes another month for this to be released. Just as long as they get it right! I don't want that 'rushed beta' experience you get with Doom3. That ain't cool.


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