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Thread: Opie and Anthony

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Master
    Best $2 a month I have ever spent.
    I would gladly pay $10 a month for this but I don't want to have to buy crap to do it.

  2. $99 gets you:

    Roady2 (different color lit LED, tons of options, built in FM modulator, great item)
    Car Charger
    Car Tape Adapter
    Home Kit
    3 Face Plates

    It really wasn't that big of a deal and I installed the whole thing myself in literally 45 minutes.

    And I'm a perfectionist.

  3. I'm listening to the first show now, so far it's awesome!

  4. For those of you that want to hear some great O&A stuff but aren't bt savvy, go here for TONS of quick downloads.

    I Love this site:

  5. This one is especially hilarious:

  6. I hate to keep bumping this thread, but you guys have to listen to these: and then


  7. Damn, I guess that torrent was a one day first show thing.

    Time to buy a receiver.

    EDIT: The 6th and 7th are up. You know where.
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  8. Buy the receiver. Not only is it great to hear them live, after the repeat their show until 7 or so they play great standup from people like Vos and Norton, and song parodies and other hilarious stuff. Even on weekends, it is the best channel in existance.

  9. Wait, torrents are where now? PM me, someone, please.

  10. PM Sent.

    Goddammit! Clear your friggin' PMs!


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