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Thread: Opie and Anthony

  1. More gooder is right. Just watch out for that monster rain.

  2. I did a little edit job of the Tony Danza saga and got it to fit on an 80 minute audio CD, and put in the little intros from the best-of shows, so it actually flows. This is some great goddamned comedy. Give it a listen.

    Opie and Anthony vs Tony Danza

    Spread the virus. Burn the CD and pass it around.
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  3. Just posting to let everybody know Master <3 O&A

    They are now free for all XM subscribers.

  4. Still overpriced. HAH!

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    Anyone hear the Alex Borstein interview on O&A this week? I almost died on my way home from work tonight listening when Seth McFarlane called in....I couldn't see 2 feet in front of me from the rain and she was making me piss my fucking pants.

  6. Rich: Which day was that show on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShineAqua
    Rich: Which day was that show on?
    I'm not sure, I was listening to it before the show ended @ 11PM est on Sat. night, but the channel plays repeats all week long, so if i had to guess, it was probably the friday morning show since they were talking about the family guy episode alot.

  8. "six pork faggots in a graaavy-yeah!"

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ShineAqua
    Rich: Which day was that show on?

    It was a great interview, or at least it had alot of great moments, but what was funny is that O&A talked about it being bad the next day, saying they had no idea how to talk to an intelligent woman.

    In other news, it looks like Ron and Fez are coming to XM high voltage, meaning XM will have both of the comedy talk radio programs worth listening to soon. (Actually, I heard Jim Bruer's show on Sirius was decent, but I've never heard it personally)

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    Aw come on, it was fucking funny as hell. The callers were great, too.

    As for Ron & Fez--that's hot. I didn't listen to them much when they were on FM, but when I did, it was quality.


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