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Thread: A bunch of miscellaneous items for sale

  1. A bunch of miscellaneous items for sale

    I have a big box of stuff I'm looking to sell, usually I wouldn't mind trading, but funds are low and I have bills and debt to pay off, so money only please.

    For shipping, I'll ship everything out via priority mail and include the charges to make things easier for both of us, unless you want it shipped any other way, I'm fine with that. Insurance and all that stuff is up to you. I can negotiate. PayPal works for me.

    I'll include pictures and more information about items upon request.


    Frogger - Atari. Box/Instructions. Everything is in great shape. $9
    Sega Genesis Power Base Converter. No Box/Instructions. $10 SOLD


    Viewtiful Joe Offiicial Strategy Guide - $4 SOLD
    Mission Earth #9 Villainy Victorius by L. Ron Hubbard (Book on tape) $7
    Chopper From the Inside $7


    GTO OST #2. Brand new. $5 SOLD
    WeiB kreuz OST. Brand new. $5
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  2. GTO OST...sold

  3. I want that Viewtiful Joe strat guide.
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