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Thread: Crazy Rummy Iz Insane

  1. Crazy Rummy Iz Insane

    I'm selling off most of my games. Check out the list. Buy 'em, please!

    Edit 8/29: List has been updated - some stuff taken off hold, all sold stuff has been removed, a few things have been added. Last crack at this stuff before it heads to ebay. Please email rather than PM. Thanks.

    Oh, and my ebay auctions. Listings so far: Snatcher, Turbo Express w/TV tuner, Starfi 2, Hajime No Ippo, PSO, GC BBA, 2 GBAs, import PS2 Bundle, Super Galdelic Hour, NGPC bundle, Guardian Heroes, Dragon Force, Burning Rangers, and a few other things. Gonna be adding Super Fami, TG16, N64, PSX and GB bundles over the next week, along with a lot of like 200 NES carts.
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  2. PM sent.

  3. You got mail.

  4. You got more mail.
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  5. I, too, have sent a PM.
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  6. I know I'll take either one of the KoC games or Fire Pro Z, I just can't decide on which.

    But gimme a day or so to see if I can afford anything else.
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  7. I'll take that copy of Dark Savior, if it's complete and in good shape. I'll probably take that Lunar for Sega CD too. Is it complete?

  8. Sent you a PM.

  9. I've replied to all the PMs. Thanks very much, guys. If you want a faster response feel free to use the email address mentioned in the txt. I tend to forget PMs exist.

    About to upload the new list, and I'm in the middle of getting all the goddamned NES carts together. 133 down, God knows how many to go...


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