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Thread: FS: Shou-sama's ENTIRE LIBRARY

  1. FS: Shou-sama's ENTIRE LIBRARY

    Yes, I am selling everything I have as a set (from hardware, software, books, CDs to miscellaneous related items and shelving). I realize that this is a huge lot and it's ideally for a wealthy person out there who desires an instant amazing collection. I'm not going to list everything out here as that would take too long (~3000 titles). You can visit my site to see the majority of what I have (Note that the Neo Geo AES stuff has been sold). THIS IS BEING SOLD AS A SET NOT INDIVIDUALLY. DO NOT PM ME ASKING FOR AN INDIVIDUAL ITEM. PLEASE PM SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY. COLLECTION IS LOCATED IN 2 STATES. PURCHASE WILL NEED TO BE MADE IN PERSON WITH VERIFIED FUNDS. FOR REFERENCE, THERE IS A $100000 INSURANCE POLICY ON THIS COLLECTION. I WILL GIVE SUPPORT TO THE BUYER FOR 2 WEEKS AFTER THE TRANSACTION ON ALL RELATED MATTERS.

    Some notables:
    multiple autographed games by JP industry heavyweights such as Kojima, Naka, Suzuki, Itagaki, IGA, Mikami
    Marty 2 + top titles such as Splatterhouse, Truxton II, etc
    MSX2 Metal Gear + Metal Gear 2
    Starfox 2 Super Famicom prototype
    Metal Gear Solid 1-2 Stockholder Editions
    Panasonic Q + Q GB Player
    RGB modded Super Grafx + all 7 games including Darius Alpha + Super CDROM
    complete Super Famicom + Satellaview BSX + 5 BSX carts + Sufami Turbo
    nearly complete set of the late Turbo Duo titles such as Dynastic Hero & Super Air Zonk
    Amiga CD32 + SX-1 + rare titles like Akira Limited Box, Super SF2 Turbo
    This is Cool Saturn + Floppy Drive
    PC Engine greats: Sapphire, Dracula X, RCR, Sylphia, Spriggan 1-2, Dead of the Brain, etc
    RGB modded NES2 w/ Titler PPU
    NIB Famicom DD
    PCFX w/ Zenki, Zeroigar, etc
    top value Saturn titles: Taroumaru, Radiant Silvergun, D&D, Sengoku Blade, etc
    Randnet only N64 + 64DD + all 64DD titles (except golf)
    framed not for sale posters of Metal Gear Solid and Sengoku Blade
    36" Proscan HDTV (2 VGA inputs)
    EMP-11 EPROM burner

    ~300 arcade boards, many unemulated
    super modified Sega Astro City cabinet
    boxed JP Hyper Neo 64 set (newer mobo + the 4 fighters)
    Cave shooters: ESPRADE, Guwange, Feveron
    ultra rare Konami's Fighting Wushu 2nd
    fully working original Killer Instinct 1-2
    Model 2 set: VF2, FV, DOA, Zero Gunner, Sonic Fighters
    Naomi 2 + GDROM + Capcom I/O + Sanwa PSU
    Dragon Bowl (HK original w/ DBZ characters+ arcade Ninja Gaiden engine)
    Sonic the Hedgehog (trackball)
    Cannon Dancer
    Forgotten Worlds w/ factory control panel
    Haunted Castle
    Gaia Crusaders
    CPS2 greats: 19XX, AVP, D&D1, Eco Fighters, etc
    CPS3 set: SF3 NG, 2I, Jojo, Warzard
    STV set: Radiant Silvergun, Groove on Fight, Prikura, etc
    SPI set: Raiden Fighters 1-2, Jet, Viper Phase-1
    Virtua Fighter 1, 2, 3, 3tb, 4 Version A-C, Remix, Kids
    Fallen Angels
    Legend of Heroes (Korean 4P simul Warriors of Fate style)
    prototype Bonk (never released)
    Irem classics: Undercover Cops, Geo Storm, R-Type Leo
    Technos set: Double Dragon 1-3, Combatribes, Shadow Force, Solar Warrior

    + much much more, everything I've collected related to gaming over the last 2 decades will be included

    Pictures here (scroll down a bit).
    Become History
    Awesome stuff I'm selling | Backloggery | Tumblr
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  2. Good luck selling that boss.

  3. Um...good luck.
    your mom

  4. No fricking way...he's sellin his stuff.

  5. If only I won the lottery.
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  6. wow..nice collection...may I ask why would you be selling it all?
    I guess you've learned the benifit to waiting.
    I agree, they should give people like you something. Perhaps a kick in the balls would do nicely and make you slightly less retarded.

  7. Probably sick of gaming, or he has to pay for things that are on a higher priority. Either way.

  8. *falls over*

    That is the most organized gaming collection I've ever seen. Nice work.

    Unless you really need the dough, Shou, I'd just box up everything and store it. A couple years down the road, you'll be jonesing for a PC-Engine/Sega Saturn fix and be kicking yourself for getting rid of them like I am.

  9. Sounds amazing, but do you really expect somebody to come up with that much scratch? I'm sure I could knock over a bank and still not have enough to cover it.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Shou
    RGB modded NES2 w/ Titler PPU
    Holy mother of fuck, I want that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shou
    God damn it.


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