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Thread: Capcom CPS Changer

  1. Capcom CPS Changer

    I picked up a CPS Changer the other day. Naturally the first thing I did was open it up and see what's inside. These pics as well as all the other irrelevant crap I like to babble on about can be found here:
    Please stop confusing your opinion with fact.

  2. Interesting stuff. I've always been curious about that hardware, though never actually felt motivated to check it out for myself. Wish there was a similar system for CPS2, as the only thing keeping me from buying up CPS2 boards is the suicide battery problems.

    Never knew SF Zero was released for this, either. I wonder how the unit and software sales were for this thing.

  3. Great stuff Lawrence. I used to want to get one with Final Fight or Captain Commando. It was fun how Razoola cracked the CPS-2 encryption using the unencrypted version of Street Fighter Zero. Dumbass Capcom. If they didn't release that game on CPS changer, their encryption might never have been broken. Oh well, I am still waiting for Progear No Arashi. Anyway, keep up with these articles. At this point they're one of my only sources of entertaiment.
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  4. Wasen't there one of these things that was for CPS-2 games? Anyways, nice write up.

  5. Good read Lawrence. Too bad Capcom dropped this thing after only 11 games- I'd have wanted Magic Sword, Forgotten Worlds, and 1941 on it. It seems the fighting game craze kind of tilted Capcom's priorities here- aside from SF2 and SF2T most of the titles are beat-em-ups.

    Muscle Bomber 2 is another CPS2 title, I'm sure.

    Capcom would have been wise to start a rental program for this- imagine laying down $20 to take one of these home for a weekend with three games.

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  6. So, um, thread bump!

    I updated the CPS Changer article with new pics and info and some recent prices and a theory or two!
    Please stop confusing your opinion with fact.

  7. I enjoyed reading that.

  8. As a kid I remembered telling others that Capcom had a system out with a dope version of Street Fighter (along with other stuff). I always assumed I was just a full of shit child trying to one-up my buds. Turns out I must have read about this somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brisco Bold View Post
    I always assumed I was just a full of shit child trying to one-up my buds. Turns out I must have read about this somewhere.
    No, you were right the first time.

  10. I also broke the Mortal Kombat X story back in grade 6, don't cha know.


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