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Thread: Games For Sale and Crap I Want

  1. Games For Sale and Crap I Want

    Make me an offer ONLY, and DO NOT PM ME.

    I'm just looking to get rid of these so I won't hold out for great prices. I ship USPS Priority flat-rate, $2.75 will fit three games.

    I'll take paypal, concealed cash, personal check (gotta wait for it to clear), money order, whatever. I'll ship anywhere so long as you pay the postage.

    I have tons of feedback here and eBay, so I'm not going to rip you off. Buy postal insurance and you'll be sure to get your crap.

    Everything is mint and complete unless noted otherwise.

    For sale
    PS2, Domestic:
    SOCOM- Complete with USB headset and large outer box.
    Ghost Recon
    Silent Hill 3
    SSX Tricky- Good condition
    SSX- Few fine scratches
    FFX- Non-greatest hits, no manual
    Medal of Honor Frontline- Good condition
    Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner- No manual

    PS2, Japanese:
    Gran Turismo 3- Mint, comes with thick, extra 'Player's Guide' booklet.
    Gran Turismo Tokyo Concept
    Winningg Eleven Soccer 5

    Game Cube:
    Legend of Zelda Wind Waker
    Zelda Master Quest
    Resident Evil 0
    Tales of Symphonia (HOLD, boozi)

    Advance Wars 2
    Final Fantasy Tactics

    Older Nintendo:
    NES in good shape that just needs new pin connectors. Console, two controllers, grey and orange Zappers, original connections
    Mario 64
    Double Dragon II NES- ON HOLD, Mzo
    Zelda NES, gold cart, loose
    Bubble Bobbles NES, loose
    Super Mario RPG SNES, loose
    Super Mario All-Stars SNES, loose

    The Lion King
    Game Genie
    Alisia Dragoon, loose
    Wheel of Fortune, outer box only
    Caesar's Palace, manual only

    Random shit:
    -Black GBA SP (has box and original documentation. Very light everyday-use scratches, but nothing distracting. Ask for pictures if you want to see details)
    -Teal Gameboy color
    -ASCII USB Trance Vibrator
    -GB gameshark, loose
    -Sonic and Knuckles box and manual
    -Sonic 3 outer box and manual
    -ESP Galuda poster (SOLD, Melf)
    -biohazard 4 poster (small)

    Crap I Want
    -Sega Saturn console, and an Action Pro Replay cart if available
    -Working Dreamcast
    -Any version of Columns excluding: Columns (genny), Columns Crown, Saturn Sakura Taisen Columns
    -DDR 333 RAM
    -Xbox S controller
    -Xbox extension cord, I don't care who made it
    -Xbox DDR mat, NOT Mad Katz
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  2. Could you post a pic of the ESP Galuda poster?

  3. Nomi, I'm interested in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Advance Wars 2.

    PM Sent.
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  4. How small is the Biohazard 4 poster. I may be interested in the transvibrator as well for a good price. LMK.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Melf
    Could you post a pic of the ESP Galuda poster?

    Quote Originally Posted by Videodrone
    How small is the Biohazard 4 poster. I may be interested in the transvibrator as well for a good price. LMK.

    As you can see, it's a magazine fold out from some Korean magazine (no Korean on the poster though). The reverse side has some bikini clad fighting game chick, but I'm too lazy to check who. Really, it's not an amazing poster. I was just going to toss it in for a few bucks with n existing purchase.

    Give me an offer on the TV.

  6. Melf, let me know ASAP if you want the poster, I have another person interested. You've got first dibs.

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    I've always wanted that boxed NES Double Dragon 2 you have. I'll talk to you later about it, just wanted to say DIBS!
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  8. Yes! I want it!

    I can trade you a standard Nintendo GC memory card for it and that copy of Bubble Bobble for NES, if that's cool.

    LMK if that's cool.

  9. Nomi, how much more do you want for FFTA and AW 2?

    Are they still available?

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    PM sent


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