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Thread: A nod to the Animatrix

  1. WTF A nod to the Animatrix

    I would have put this in the Animatrix thread but it seems to be closed.

    The Second Renaissance was a powerful and horriffic piece of why not make a kid's show about it?

    Was watching Cartoon Network today and they had a episode of Codename: Kids Next Door called A.R.C.H.I.V.E. that literally is based on Second Renaissance (in the guise of kid's story anyway).

    The story is set up like a file in a computer program (like the Zion mainframe), it tells a story about how once the world was nothing but kids. The kids grew lazy and bored and created adults to entertain them and do their work for them. One day a adult spanks a kid for being a brat and brought to trial (like the robot in SR), the adult is cast out and begins a place especially for adults (err...called Cleveland) and on and on.

    All the main points of SR are covered from the UN bit, even the scene where a guy is getting ripped from a mech is alluded to. It's disturbing to watch when you know the source material. The makers of KND have some balls, they choose some really mature stuff to parody. *-neo

  2. kinda off topic, but if you want an old thread unlocked, PM a mod/admin. they were locked because one of our valued members thought it would be cute to bump lots of old threads with useless posts.

  3. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy once did an in-depth parody of Dune (and another one that I can't think of right now), and Kids Next Door often has references to things that would go right over kids heads. Almost makes them worth watching consistantly.


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