Official post-release thread...

Itagaki isn't the only person who gives us a reason to throw away our Saturn systems.

I recieved this in the mail yesterday, and spent a few hours playing it. I haven't played (or even seen) the arcade version in a few years, so I don't have a crystal clear memory.

It appears to be mostly like the arcade version, with the possibility of some background textures being washed out (I don't remember them looking so grainy). There is an occasional polygon hiccup- mostly with the arena floor flickering during win poses (this happens very rarely). Also, there is a very slight amount of framerate chugging on Shun's stage when the raft passes under a bridge.

The sound FX is a slightly muffled and drowned out. I forgot to check, but I believe that the remixed Saturn soundtrack is selectable.

The most suprising thing I noticed is how accurate the Saturn version of VF2 is to the arcade/PS2 rev. I'm impressed by the Saturn version now than I was ever before.

The gameplay seems to be pretty much unchanged, and feels uber-slow after all these years (and VF4). The PS2 pad still sucks for this type of game, but played perfectly with both my MAS and X-Arcade sticks.

Its only worth the $30 or so price if you are a big-time fan of VF or the genre. The Saturn version also plays identically, so you are really only paying for polygon backgrounds and the "complete" version of Shun and Wolf's stage.


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