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Thread: Counter-Strike: Source

  1. Counter-Strike: Source

    So, any of you guys purchased/considered purchasing HL2 through Steam? I'm generally opposed to the idea myself, but Valve knows they've got me by the cock when they offer immediate access to CS:S. So has anyone else went the Steam route? If so, list your Steam name (or email if your Steam name isn't unique) and maybe we can get some TNL games going. Steam name is Andy787.
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  2. i already have it. and i'm terrible. steam name = epmode. considering that the steam friends network is down like 75% of the time, you might want to also download xfire. my xfire tag = epmode.

    anyway, i'm way too hooked on other games to play much counterstrike right now, but i'll add you.

    edit: your username doesn't seem to be unique. can you add some other criteria?

  3. Yeah, the Steam friends thing also doesn't seem to have very much accuracy in finding people. Email for Steam is Perhaps it would just be better for anyone who has an account to list their email, because that seems to be the only sure way to find someone.
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  4. I have it, and its great. I play it often too. Steam name = Destro777
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Andy
    Email for Steam is
    not finding you there, either. screw it, i just added all the Andy787's.

  6. davestator here. I think you all are on my friends list already

  7. I think my Steam name is Ryanjj ? Anyway it would be cool if we could get a 4v4 or something going one night. I also suck, and have this problem where I rely on throwing Flashbangs all over the damn place.

  8. Yeah, we really need to get this shit going. We've got a good number of TNLers that have purchased through Steam, or will at least be going retail, so start getting some games going. What would be a good general "CS time" for you guys?
    Buy Yakuza and Oblivion. Help yourself, help TNL.

  9. Anytime?

  10. I wish they would port this shit to Xbox when they release HL2 for it.

    I know it won't look as good, but it's the only way I could play it.


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