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Thread: Genshiken (Aka TNL the Anime)

  1. Genshiken (Aka TNL the Anime)

    Some people here at TNL have to check out this new anime, about a anime club group. Watching it made me think TNL...

    BT link

  2. no one had a chance to see thiss, the second ep was released yesterday.. which was cool.. it has ggx in the intro..

  3. I saw it, I just didn't see your post until now.

    I can't wait for episode 3.

    Man, my friends and I were just like that way back when.

  4. I think the funny part was their converstions about manga's and Anime's very similar to what you find around anime/manga forums// Manga is better, in the manga they did this etc...

  5. Thanks for the heads up on this wonderful series maruchan. Watched episode one and I loved it. It reminded me of Otaku no Video.

  6. Where can I find 2? Gimme a link.

  7. Episode #3 out tonight. The gang goes to Comiket !

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Geo-X
    Episode #3 out tonight. The gang goes to Comiket !
    Just saw it on Bit Torrent. Downloading now

  9. Hey ep 4 just released
    This one has some pretty cool GGx Isuka combo's


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