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Thread: Official TNL Halo 2 Clan Thread

  1. Quote Originally Posted by K3V View Post
    Nomi was crying in the Haul thread that nobody here plays H2 anymore, so who's up for some games on Saturday night?

    S1N1STA, Netwurked, guszapp and I should be down for it.
    The game sucks, but I guess I'll be down. I'll be on around 10pm central so if you all are playing, I'll join.

  2. Any of you play SWAT?

    Halo 2 is the only thing I play online, and I need some good SWAT players, but I have yet to add any TNLers other than Razor.

  3. I don't think I've ever played Rumble more than twice, and I detest SWAT. I only play it when the rest of my party bitches and demands it, and then I force them to play Snipers after that.

    BTB is all I do now, with few exceptions.

  4. so are we hooking this up Sat night? If so I need to practice.
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  5. I'll be there.

  6. I'll be there too if I don't go out and get drunk.
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    Also: Monster

  8. Bump from the grave with knowledge for B-Ri


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