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  • Rampant Fronting

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  • Tile Stealers

    14 22.58%
  • The Next Level

    24 38.71%
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Thread: Official TNL Halo 2 Clan Thread

  1. Quote Originally Posted by sleeveboy
    How about a "STSYA" logo? At least that has some TNL roots.
    I'm afraid to ask, but what does that mean?

  2. Stop Throwing Shit You Asshole

  3. This is new to me.

  4. It wouldn't be if you were an OG.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Opaque
    This is new to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mzo in post #18 of this very thread
    There was a PS contest over at Neomega that spawned 2 of the most famous TNL images of all time... they were modifications of existing game cover art.

    omfgninjas remade Master System Shanghai (or Mahjong or some japanese crap nobody cared about) into Bitch Don't Steal My Tiles.

    diffx remade TRON from some old, crappy system into Stop Throwing Shit, You Asshole (which should be our Halo 2 battle cry imo).

    So that's BDSMT and STSYA.
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  6. What about an NYFO emblem?

  7. I missed that.

    I don't know how but I did.

  8. Does anyone have the image of the Tile Stealing cover?
    I thought you were gay.... i guess not.

  9. I dunno, but I got my old submission.

    It was the only BDSMT cutscene.

  10. Neck and Neck.


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