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Thread: Fist of the North Star Original

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    Fist of the North Star Original

    I NEED the original Fist of the North Star movie. IMO that is the best anime film ever released, not that I am a huge anime fan. Give it to me baby!

  2. Go buy it on dvd. I have it, and its the worst anime dvd I have. Not because of the movie, just the transition is horrible and manga slapped that shit together with NO extras, no better resolution, no better sound options.

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    That sucks that Manga didn't do a nicely polished release of FOTNS on DVD, as many people think this movie is the shit, don't they? If the DVD sucks then I will just try and download it. I also haven't seen the new series yet. I heard it's pretty good, but not as good as the original.

  4. The new series IS pretty good. I've only seen 2 episodes though, but they're an hour long each. It's a lot gorier, I'll give it that.

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    Wow gorier than the first? Damn, I thought Hearts intestines spiraling toward the screen after his match with Ken was pretty fucking gory. Can't wait to check out the new shit, I LOVE GORE!!! If you like gory video games download the original Soldier of Fortune demo, or buy the game cheap as hell. You can blow off whole limbs, partial limbs like from the elbow or knee, just hands and feet, portions of the torso and head, etc...very gory, very cool.

  6. I like to burn girls with lit cigarettes.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Josh
    I like to burn girls with lit cigarettes.
    I can verify this.

  8. Bump.
    So my interest has peaked after watching some gameplay vids lately (port it Sammy). I'd like to pick up the original series but have a few questions:

    1. I've seen one collection with six dvd's (from Manga I think), and one botleg with 12 dvd's. Was the translated one cut or something?

    2. It seems to be pretty rare, any talk of another print or do I have to go the ebay route on this one?

    and yea is the New Fotns any good, same story?

  9. Lets see from what I can remember there is a old Fist of the north star TV series thats pretty long. Then theres the old original movie. Then a few years back they put out a OAV mini series and now they are working on a new side story movie. The new movie looks pretty damn hot too.

    Check here

  10. Thank you, and that does indeed look pretty hot.


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