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Thread: #&*^%*#& ebay

  1. #&*^%*#& ebay

    Fuckin sniped on three auctions (well two...the other wasn't snatched from me) tonight. Woulda been great damn deals. I KNOW TWO OF YOU BASTARDS HERE DID IT. DIE!

    Later all

  2. "Whatever it was, I didnt do it!"
    -Dr. Betelguese
    Project Raven Discussion
    Come sign up on TeamGo's boards. Express what you think TeamGo's game should be like.

  3. It wasn't me this time...

    Seriously, I haven't browsed eBay for a good month and a half. Had to save up $$$ for my trip to L.A.

  4. What were these "great damn deals" that you are referring to?

    Oh, and it wasn't me, BTW. I've bid on nothing for atleast two days now.

  5. dont look at me last thing i got off ebay i did a buy it now

  6. Should have had:
    Cyberbots LE complete mint for $30.
    Sakura Taisen SE complete mint for $36.
    X-Men vs Street Fighter w/4 meg cart mint for $25.

    Fuckin shit...


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