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Thread: Official World of Warcraft Thread

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    PC Official World of Warcraft Thread

    World of Warcraft is only two weeks away from going live. Who is planning to get it? Is anyone interested in forming a Horde guild?

    I am basing my decision to purchase on how many TNLers are also getting it. Playing an MMORPG where you know no one sucks. We need to figure out what the server choices are so we can line up as well.
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  2. I want to get this, but I'm not sure if I will. I just know it's going to consume every free moment I have...I know there is one final beta test push going on now before the offical launch on the 23rd. Can't believe it's done. Hope they announce their next project soon.

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    I am hoping to get online early enough to get a Tauren named Schlitz.

  4. I'm buying it.

  5. I'm getting it. Everquest 2 was kinda taunting me but I played the stress test previously and really digged this game. So I'll give it a run.

  6. I finish classes for good in Dec so I'll be getting either EQ2 or WoW to play between work and winter sports.

    Like Yoshi says, depends on what people I know do. WoW looks interesting though.

  7. This game is trouble.

    I'm on PVP server 32, name of Nien.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MVS
    This game is trouble.

    I'm on PVP server 32, name of Nien.
    Are we talking Open Beta, MVS? I finally got mine to finish installing this morning, so I am ready to roll when I get home. I'd like to try WoW PvP, so I'll see you there.

  9. Yeah, open beta.

    Undecided if I want to buy the full game. I can see this thing eating 99% of my time away.

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    What race are you? I want to make sure we can actually communicate.


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