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Thread: Is the Grinch, and guy who hates green eggs and ham the same..

  1. Is the Grinch, and guy who hates green eggs and ham the same..

    huh. i always wondered.. and i also always wondered, why would anyone eat it with a fox, in a box...

  2. In the past three hours, Sound Off has hit new lows.
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    Dr. Seus is one crazy motherfucker. Too many shrooms.

  4. Dr. Seuss is one dead mother fucker.

  5. I heard his last story was going to be called Monster Rain. He only got halfway through. Some crazy rhymes with "under the porch".

    And the Grinch and Green Eggs and Ham are 2 different...things.
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  6. Not even close o_O;
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    I recall having a huge argument with my teacher in like the first grade, or before, about this. The silly bitch thought the cat in the hat was the guy who refused to eat the green eggs and ham.

  8. Jesus.

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