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Thread: $1.00 Game sale

  1. $1.00 Game sale

    Hi folks, I hope to have a more extensive sale up later but here's some odds and ends I'm selling for one dollar apiece. Shipping is $3.50 for priority mail and I can check media rates if desired. PM me with any questions:


    Dragonriders Chronicles of Pern (complete/mint)
    Vanishing Point (complete/minor case wear)
    Wild Metal (complete/mint)
    Blue Stinger (complete/crack in case)


    Shooter Starfighter Sanvein (complete)


    Wrestlemania The Arcade Game (complete/ heavy case wear)


    Alex Kidd High-Tech World (complete)


    Project S-11 (vertical shooter, complete)


    Space Harrier (complete, great shape IBM floppy disk)

    Other games (priced as marked)

    Spriggan- Turbo Duo $15 comes with disc, case, and back cover. No manual (though it's only 4 pages to begin with :P )

    Maniac Mansion- IBM Box has a bit of magic marker in corner otherwise great shape. Comes with two floppies, manual, hint book, foldout poster, decoder, decoder book, and box Please make offer


  2. I want everything besides the pc games, and spriggin.
    It's a mirror image!

  3. If you're serious Luke, cool. I can weight up the games and check shipping. PM me if you have a preference in shipping, or for that matter we can exchange addresses. *-neo

  4. Damn, too late...

    Well, let me know if Luke changes his mind. I'd be interested in Dragon Riders and Wild Metal.


    I wanted that S-11 and Alex Kidd in High Tech World!
    omg TNL epics!

  6. What condition is the Spriggan CD in? If it's not scratched, I'm interested.

  7. There is some scratching to Spriggan, all of it is light and should come off easy with a kit. Let me know if interested. *-neo

  8. Worked a deal with Luke, everything except Spriggan and the PC titles are gone. *-neo

  9. *sigh* Goodbye Project S-11 and Alex Kidd
    omg TNL epics!

  10. Originally posted by neoalphazero
    Worked a deal with Luke, everything except Spriggan and the PC titles are gone. *-neo
    If you still have Spriggan, I'll take it. And I don't think I got through on the Kirby thing (your PMs are full, apparently).


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