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Thread: The GameFan history thread

  1. Quote Originally Posted by kevincal
    Welcome!!!! You're a hell of an artist man.

    Thanks very much! I'm sure I can add to the stories part of this post too

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    -_' didn't me and you play quake 2 together once?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by IronPlant
    -_' didn't me and you play quake 2 together once?
    Who me?

  4. Hey Wolf! Are you working on any projects now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfie
    Who me?
    yeah you

  6. Quote Originally Posted by shidoshi
    The morning of payday, we'd call to make sure that there was at least something in there. The moment checks were handed out, everybody would run out to their cars, and Cannonball Run style, race to the closest branch of that bank to cash the checks. If you got there too late, you were out of luck...

    Yep, this happened every payday very shortly after Metropolis and Dave Bergstien became involved. It was quite a ridiculous way to run a company and quite an insane event to witness. No matter what time of day, if you called the bank and found there was money, it was into you cars and race to the branch. I had one of the faster cars at the the time (a twin turbo RX7) so I was usually one of the first to arrive. It was usually quite a scene at the bank too- 8 to 12 guys rushing inside and trying to cash they're payroll checks all at once... There was one time where I came up to the teller and handed my check to have cashed, and the teller confirmed that the funds were there but needed to get the transaction authorized. Well by the time she got her manager to sign it, the funds were gone due to someone getting their checked cashed just a moment quicker...

    It was complete bullshit to put up with, but I think we all thought that GameFan would pull through for the sheer fact we all loved the mag and loved what we did. I ened up staying till the end, but did not return for the "resurrection" year... sigh....

    Quote Originally Posted by IronPlant
    yeah you
    very possible. What's your name?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rumpy
    Hey Wolf! Are you working on any projects now?
    Yes, quite a few. Some recent work you may have seen has been the game, "The Suffering" where I did Character Design, and also I worked on the film "Terminator3" where I designed Arnie's FX make-up. Also did some character designs for Midway's Area 51 remake which should be due out soon.

    Presently I'm working on a graphic novel doing all the art. I also work quite a bit with DJpubba (Tim) on various game boxes etc...

  7. Man this thread makes me miss GF so much. A big part of my interest in gaming died when GF died.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfie
    very possible. What's your name?
    I forget, it would have been around the time GF had it's own quake2 server. I remember playing with a bunch of the GF and GR staff a few times.

  9. First time for everything.

    *subscribes to thread*

    These stories could make a really funny movie in a Office Space sort of way. I can picture the mad dash to the bank on a hopeful payday. Lmao good stuff.

  10. Oh sweet zombie jesus, another GameFan veteran! Keep these golden stories rolling, fellas...

    The story about the mad dash to the bank to hopefully cash your paycheques remind me of how it went down on the GameFan Network, back when it was still kicking. It was a rarity when we got income from advertisements via eFront. Then it was a mad dash to the bank whenever a cheque came in the mail.

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