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Thread: Hardcore Gamer

  1. Hardcore Gamer

    In order to rescue the single greatest thread in TNL history from drowning in tangent, can we move all future talk about this over here? It's nice and roomy, and was designed specifically with Hardcore Gamer in mind. It even comes with an enhanced speculation field for those who want to get really excited about things.


  2. You're speculating?

  3. it burns my eyes

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Mzo
    Buy Yakuza and Oblivion. Help yourself, help TNL.

  6. This thread's not a bad, idea, actually. The Gamefan thread should be for Gamefan talk. It's gotten kinda off-track.

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  7. Is ... ummm... what was the point of this again?

  8. I agree. Someone should take out all posts from that thread regarding HCG and splice them into this one.

  9. Hardcore gaming isn't that popular. BMX XXX bombed. Leisure Suit Larry and the new Playboy game don't look like Greatest Hit material, either.
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