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Thread: "Anime is gay, and for faggots"

  1. "Anime is gay, and for faggots"

    A new study released last week has revealed that anime is, in fact, largely gay, and is specifically designed for faggots. "Yeah, I mean, it's just really fucking gay," confirms John Williams, the scientist who ran the study.
    "I tried to watch Spirited Away a month ago, after I got it off Netflix, because it got an Oscar or some shit," said John's brother Mike, who is, incidentally, a complete asshole. "I got through maybe two minutes of it before I turned it off and threw up all over my carpet. Who watches this shit? Other than fags, obviously." It is rumored that Williams may win a Pulitzer Prize for this landmark discovery.

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    Oh, great. That's right up your alley then, Tyler.

    Welcome back, Trash Ape.

  3. Oops, he said TEH FORBIDDEN WORD in the title. Hello banstick, bye bye, Durden.
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  4. Yeah, if Nick sees that it's all over.

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    I think the bigger crime here is that his post wasn't fucking funny at all.

    Try to think up some better material during your week off.
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