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Thread: Metal Gear Solid 4

  1. Those high res pics are the hotness.

    Downloading the trailer now.

  2. PS3 Sales + 1.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by elfneedsfood
    PS3 Sales + 1.
    damn right!
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Zerohero
    I'm guessing this is all real time as well.
    Do developers even show real time graphics anymore...
    Well that's like, your opinion, man.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Do You Like Erotic?
    I agree that moving towards realism isn't a problem. Metal Gear, in my opinion, has always tried to look as realistic as the technology allows. I don't know where they get this nonsense about it no longer matching up with the art style. The signature look is STILL there, just more detailed, and the game itself, is really about the characters, and not how much they resemble their designer's comic-book drawings.
    I'm not talking about it resembling the drawings, it just looks a bit too realistic in that there's not too much of a vague area within the likeness of Snake.

    The past MGS games like MGS:TS, MGS2, MGS3 had a realistic yet anime'ish look to them so it had a stylish stamp to them. Now that I've seen more images though I'm getting more comfortable with the graphics, maybe it's just the mustache that throws me off heh. But you're right, the graphics seem to reflect more of what the technology is able to allow so at least they are advancing on that front.

    I'm really excited for this both storywise and gameplay wise. It looks to be more action oriented like Contra but also mixing in stealth elements for survival. I'm also digging the gear Snake has, it looks very high tech although it borrows some pages from Sam Fisher's book.

    This and DMC4 will have me buying a PS3 for sure.

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    Giltch Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Zerohero
    That does look pretty god damn cool...

  7. I already can't wait to see how Raiden and the rest look.

    Downloading the trailer as well but I hope it looks clear.

  8. Ok, I take back my earlier statement. Snake is awesome, MGS4 looks awesome and promising -- PS3 is getting purchased on day one.

  9. Guns of the Patriots, eh? Raiden will be about Snake's age when we first met him, thus primed and ready to whup that ass.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Chux
    Guns of the Patriots, eh? Raiden will be about Snake's age when we first met him, thus primed and ready to whup that ass.
    Yeah, according to IGN Raiden will be more of a badass than ever in this installment which is cool because:

    A) He needed more of it and...

    B) I really rooted for the character in MGS2

    He's also in the trailer so I'm just waiting for this damn thing to finish downloading.
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